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The DNA Sequencing Low Throughput Laboratory - LTL - offers Purdue researchers the following service: Determination of the DNA sequence of plasmid or PCR product DNA using a standard vector primer or your custom primer, and web-based delivery of the sequence, its chromatogram and BLAST searches.

DNA Sequencing LTL is a Purdue Cancer Center Shared Resource. Cancer Center Members are billed at discounted rates.

To submit a request:

  1. If you have not already done so, read the instruction and hints page on protocols and sample sizes.
  2. If you have not used the iLab accounting system before read our iLab instruction page.
  3. New as of 02-Oct-2017. The following replaces the 'select profile then fill out information' method that we have had for years. 
  4. Bring your sample(s) and the form (which no longer needs to be signed) to WSLR S045 between 9AM and 5PM Monday-Friday.

To contact us:

email: sequence@purdue.edu
phone: 67368


We provide your sequencing results in a variety of different formats so that you can use what you need.   There are several programs on the Genomics center, in particular the Emboss suite, which can help you in subsequent data analysis. NCBI offers Blast service.   We also have a simple web-based Blast service. In the results below there is also way to Blast against your own sequences.

To view chromatograms you can use the provided JPEG or PDF static versions.  We also recommend the FinchTV viewer, which is a more dynamic method of viewing.  Finch is a free download for your PC/Mac/Linux computer. To use click on the “ABI (Finch trace)” portion of your specific results page.

To retrieve your sequencing results click on your lab below.


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Missing name? If you have not used LTL for over 1000 days then press this link.

Click name forABIPer runPer year
specific resultsfilessequencessequences
Abernathy, Brian (test)ABIPer runYearly
Aguilar, RubenABIPer runYearly
Aime, M. CatherineABIPer runYearly
Anderson, RyanABIPer runYearly
Andrisani, OuraniaABIPer runYearly
Applegate, Bruce M.ABIPer runYearly
Applegate, ToddABIPer runYearly
Avila, CamiloABIPer runYearly
Avramova, LarisaABIPer runYearly
Baird, AmyABIPer runYearly
Banks, JodyABIPer runYearly
Bao, XiaopingABIPer runYearly
Bates, ScottABIPer runYearly
Beckerman, JannaABIPer runYearly
Bera, AlokeABIPer runYearly
Bernal, XimenaABIPer runYearly
Bhunia, Arun K.ABIPer runYearly
Bidwell, Christopher A.ABIPer runYearly
Biochem495, ClassABIPer runYearly
Boavida, LeonorABIPer runYearly
Bortvin, AlexABIPer runYearly
Bowers, AlbertABIPer runYearly
Briggs, ScottABIPer runYearly
Broders, KirkABIPer runYearly
Broyles, Stephen S.ABIPer runYearly
Butzke, ChristianABIPer runYearly
Cabot, RyanABIPer runYearly
Cai, GuohongABIPer runYearly
cameron, stephenABIPer runYearly
Cannon, JasonABIPer runYearly
Carpita, Nicholas C.ABIPer runYearly
Carroll, ChadABIPer runYearly
Casey, TheresaABIPer runYearly
Cavaletto, JohnABIPer runYearly
Chakraborty, SandeepABIPer runYearly
Chang, Chun-juABIPer runYearly
Chang, HenryABIPer runYearly
Chang, LeifuABIPer runYearly
Chapple, Clinton C.ABIPer runYearly
Chaterji, SomaliABIPer runYearly
Chen, JueABIPer runYearly
Chen, ShishengABIPer runYearly
Chen, ZhixiangABIPer runYearly
Cheng, Ji-XinABIPer runYearly
Childress, MichaelABIPer runYearly
Choe, SunghwaABIPer runYearly
Christie, MarkABIPer runYearly
Coghill, MelissaABIPer runYearly
Collodi, PaulABIPer runYearly
Conway, SimonABIPer runYearly
Correa, FernandoABIPer runYearly
couetil, laurentABIPer runYearly
Cramer, William A.ABIPer runYearly
Creswell, TomABIPer runYearly
Cruz, MaribelABIPer runYearly
Csonka, LaszloABIPer runYearly
Darwish, OmarABIPer runYearly
Das, ChittaranjanABIPer runYearly
Datta, MridulABIPer runYearly
Davidson, AmyABIPer runYearly
Deering, AmandaABIPer runYearly
Deng, QingABIPer runYearly
Deng, YoujinABIPer runYearly
Deng, ZhipingABIPer runYearly
DeWoody, J. AndrewABIPer runYearly
Dierking, EmilyABIPer runYearly
Doerge, RebeccaABIPer runYearly
Donkin, Shawn S.ABIPer runYearly
Doudareva, NataliaABIPer runYearly
Doyle, JackieABIPer runYearly
Dudareva, NataliaABIPer runYearly
Dykhuizen, EmilyABIPer runYearly
Ebner, PaulABIPer runYearly
Eimanifar, AminABIPer runYearly
Ejeta, GebisaABIPer runYearly
Ekenstedt, KariABIPer runYearly
Ellis, JessicaABIPer runYearly
Emery, NancyABIPer runYearly
Endelman, JeffreyABIPer runYearly
Enders, LaramyABIPer runYearly
Evans, JaniceABIPer runYearly
Fast, SpencerABIPer runYearly
Fehrenbacher, JillABIPer runYearly
Fekete, Donna M.ABIPer runYearly
Figueiredo, MarxaABIPer runYearly
Fishel, MelissaABIPer runYearly
Flaherty, DanielABIPer runYearly
Fleet, JamesABIPer runYearly
Forney, James D.ABIPer runYearly
Fortuna, Ann-MarieABIPer runYearly
Friedman, Alan M.ABIPer runYearly
Fu, DaolinABIPer runYearly
Gavin, TimothyABIPer runYearly
Geahlen, Robert L.ABIPer runYearly
Gelvin, Stanton B.ABIPer runYearly
Gibbs, Harold LisleABIPer runYearly
Gibson, KevinABIPer runYearly
Gielda, LindsayABIPer runYearly
Gilmartin, DavidABIPer runYearly
Gimble, FrederickABIPer runYearly
Goergen, CraigABIPer runYearly
Golden, Barbara L.ABIPer runYearly
Goodwin, Stephen B.ABIPer runYearly
Gowher, HumairaABIPer runYearly
Grama, AnanthABIPer runYearly
Grant, RyanABIPer runYearly
Hale, MattABIPer runYearly
Hale, MattABIPer runYearly
Hall, MarkABIPer runYearly
Hallet, JudyABIPer runYearly
Halterman, DennisABIPer runYearly
Hammac, KenitraABIPer runYearly
Handa, Avtar K.ABIPer runYearly
Harpur, BrockABIPer runYearly
Hasan, Saif S.ABIPer runYearly
Hasegawa, PaulABIPer runYearly
Hass-Jacobus, BarbaraABIPer runYearly
Hazbun, TonyABIPer runYearly
Henagan, TaraABIPer runYearly
Hill, CatherineABIPer runYearly
Hockerman, G. H.ABIPer runYearly
Hoverman, JasonABIPer runYearly
Hu, Chang-DengABIPer runYearly
huang, RongABIPer runYearly
hudmon, andyABIPer runYearly
Hughes, TeresaABIPer runYearly
Hunt, Greg J.ABIPer runYearly
iLabs, AgilentABIPer runYearly
Irudayaraj, JosephABIPer runYearly
Iyer-Pascuzzi, AnjaliABIPer runYearly
Iyer-Pascuzzi, AnjaliABIPer runYearly
Jacoby, DaveABIPer runYearly
Jacoby, DavidABIPer runYearly
Jerald, AdamABIPer runYearly
Jiang, WenABIPer runYearly
Johal, GiriABIPer runYearly
Johnson, TimothyABIPer runYearly
Jones, LarryABIPer runYearly
Kaczorowski, KarenABIPer runYearly
Kaplan, IanABIPer runYearly
Kappock, JosephABIPer runYearly
Kasinski, AndreaABIPer runYearly
Kazemian, AbdolmajidABIPer runYearly
Kessler, SharonABIPer runYearly
Kim, ChangABIPer runYearly
Kinzer-Ursem, TamaraABIPer runYearly
Kirchmaier, AnnABIPer runYearly
Kirshner, JuliaABIPer runYearly
Kladivko, EileenABIPer runYearly
Kline, JoeABIPer runYearly
Kolapo, AjuwonABIPer runYearly
Konieczny, Stephen F.ABIPer runYearly
Korc, MurrayABIPer runYearly
Koziol, JenniferABIPer runYearly
Krusemark, CaseyABIPer runYearly
Kuang, ShihuanABIPer runYearly
Kuhn, Richard J.ABIPer runYearly
lanman, jasonABIPer runYearly
Lelievre, SophieABIPer runYearly
Leung, Yuk FaiABIPer runYearly
Li, YingABIPer runYearly
lim, seung-oeABIPer runYearly
Lin, Tsang LongABIPer runYearly
Lindemann, StephenABIPer runYearly
Linnes, JacquelineABIPer runYearly
Lisch, DamonABIPer runYearly
Litt, AmyABIPer runYearly
Little, DianneABIPer runYearly
Liu, JulieABIPer runYearly
Liu, WanqingABIPer runYearly
Liu, XiaoqiABIPer runYearly
Liu, XingABIPer runYearly
Loesch-Fries, SABIPer runYearly
Lohman, JeremyABIPer runYearly
Low, Philip S.ABIPer runYearly
Luo, Zhao-QingABIPer runYearly
Lyle, TiffanyABIPer runYearly
Lyon, AngelineABIPer runYearly
ma, jiaABIPer runYearly
Machaty, ZoltanABIPer runYearly
Main, RusselABIPer runYearly
Malki, SafiaABIPer runYearly
Mao, ChengdeABIPer runYearly
Martinez, LorenaABIPer runYearly
Matosevic, SandroABIPer runYearly
Mattoo, SeemaABIPer runYearly
McAdam, ScottABIPer runYearly
McCann, MaureenABIPer runYearly
McClelland, MichaelABIPer runYearly
Mengiste, TesfayeABIPer runYearly
Mesecar, AndrewABIPer runYearly
Messick, JoanneABIPer runYearly
Meyer, JeanneABIPer runYearly
Mickelbart, MichaelABIPer runYearly
Miglino, MariaABIPer runYearly
Mittal, SureshABIPer runYearly
Mizukami, YukiABIPer runYearly
Mohamed, AhmedABIPer runYearly
Mohammadi, MohsenABIPer runYearly
Morgan, JohnABIPer runYearly
Mukhopadhyay, AbhijitABIPer runYearly
Murphy, AngusABIPer runYearly
Nakatsu, CindyABIPer runYearly
Narayanan, SanjeevABIPer runYearly
Navarro, LucioABIPer runYearly
Neu, CoreyABIPer runYearly
Newcomer, SeanABIPer runYearly
Nichols, DaveABIPer runYearly
Nichols, KristaABIPer runYearly
Noinaj, NicholasABIPer runYearly
Oakley, ChristopherABIPer runYearly
Ogas, Joseph P.ABIPer runYearly
Oliver, HaleyABIPer runYearly
Olson, MattABIPer runYearly
Omar, AbuABIPer runYearly
Pak, WilliamABIPer runYearly
Park, ChiwookABIPer runYearly
Parker, LourieABIPer runYearly
Parkinson, ElizabethABIPer runYearly
Pastor-Corrales, TaloABIPer runYearly
Pijut, PaulaABIPer runYearly
Pires dos Santos, AndreaABIPer runYearly
Pogranichniy, RomanABIPer runYearly
Post, Carol B.ABIPer runYearly
Puthiyaveetil, SujithABIPer runYearly
Quaye, CharlesABIPer runYearly
Rajewski, AlexABIPer runYearly
Ratliff, TimABIPer runYearly
Ready, DonaldABIPer runYearly
Rickus, Jenna L.ABIPer runYearly
Robles, EstuardoABIPer runYearly
Rocheford, TorbertABIPer runYearly
Rochet, Jean-ChristopheABIPer runYearly
Roodman, DavidABIPer runYearly
Roseguini, BrunoABIPer runYearly
Rossmann, Michael G.ABIPer runYearly
Runck, AmyABIPer runYearly
Sanders, David A.ABIPer runYearly
SanMiguel, Phillip J.ABIPer runYearly
Savran, CagriABIPer runYearly
Scharf, MichaelABIPer runYearly
Schemerhorn, BrandiABIPer runYearly
Scofield, SteveABIPer runYearly
Scott, MaryABIPer runYearly
Seleem, MohamedABIPer runYearly
Sepulveda, MarisolABIPer runYearly
Shah, KavitaABIPer runYearly
Shannahan, JonathanABIPer runYearly
Sherman, Louis A.ABIPer runYearly
Shukle, Richard H.ABIPer runYearly
Sims, EmilyABIPer runYearly
Singh, ManpreetABIPer runYearly
Singh, ManpreetABIPer runYearly
Sjogren, JennyABIPer runYearly
Sokolchik, IrinaABIPer runYearly
Solomon, KevinABIPer runYearly
Spradling, AllanABIPer runYearly
Srour, EdABIPer runYearly
Srynnikov, NikolaiABIPer runYearly
stahelin, robertABIPer runYearly
Staiger, Christopher J.ABIPer runYearly
Stauffacher, Cynthia V.ABIPer runYearly
Stefanska, BarbaraABIPer runYearly
Stewart, KaraABIPer runYearly
Suter, DanielABIPer runYearly
Szeto, DanielABIPer runYearly
Taggart, DavidABIPer runYearly
Tao, AndyABIPer runYearly
Taparowsky, Elizabeth J.ABIPer runYearly
Taylor, SandraABIPer runYearly
Telenko, DarcyABIPer runYearly
tesmer, johnABIPer runYearly
Thompson, AxelABIPer runYearly
ThuyVy, NguyenABIPer runYearly
Tomecek, JohnABIPer runYearly
Topp, ElizabethABIPer runYearly
Trader, DarciABIPer runYearly
Tran, ElizabethABIPer runYearly
Turco, Ronald F.ABIPer runYearly
Umulis, DavidABIPer runYearly
Van Rijn, RichardABIPer runYearly
varala, kranthiABIPer runYearly
Vemulapalli, RameshABIPer runYearly
Vera, BonnieABIPer runYearly
Verma, Mohit SABIPer runYearly
Wagner, RobertABIPer runYearly
Walter, TomABIPer runYearly
Waltz, RobertABIPer runYearly
Wan, JunABIPer runYearly
Watts, Val J.ABIPer runYearly
Weake, VikkiABIPer runYearly
Weil, Clifford F.ABIPer runYearly
Wendt, MichaelABIPer runYearly
Wetzstein, HazelABIPer runYearly
Widhalm, JoshABIPer runYearly
Wilker, JonABIPer runYearly
Wilkes, RebeccaABIPer runYearly
wilkinson, frankABIPer runYearly
Williams, Christie E.ABIPer runYearly
Wise, KierstenABIPer runYearly
Wisecaver, JenniferABIPer runYearly
Wojtalewicz, CliffordABIPer runYearly
Woloshuk, Charles P.ABIPer runYearly
Yang, DanzhouABIPer runYearly
Yang, Jer-yenABIPer runYearly
Yang, YangABIPer runYearly
Yaninek, JohnABIPer runYearly
Yernool, DineshABIPer runYearly
Yingst, SamABIPer runYearly
Yocum, RogABIPer runYearly
yoon, Gyeong meeABIPer runYearly
Young, BryanABIPer runYearly
Yuan, ChongliABIPer runYearly
Zanis, MichaelABIPer runYearly
Zaspel, JenniferABIPer runYearly
Zhang, CankuiABIPer runYearly
Zhang, ChunhuaABIPer runYearly
Zhang, GuangjunABIPer runYearly
Zhang, Zhong-YinABIPer runYearly
Zheng, FayeABIPer runYearly
Zhou, DaoguoABIPer runYearly
zhou, yunABIPer runYearly
zhou, zhiABIPer runYearly
Zhu, Jian-KangABIPer runYearly

If your lab is not listed but you believe that you have sequencing results then enter the following into your web browser.


Making sure you substitute the PI's last name in lower case for "xxxxx".  Example:


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